Fishing and kayak gear from fairs and online store. Kayak, canoe and SUP board rentals in the Lahti, Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä regions


The Päijänne National Park with the famous Kelvenne island which includes the Kelvenne pond, departure from the Karisalmi bridge


   Welcome cyclist status

Cheaper touring bikes coming for rent in June 2024

Jungle canoe day trips close by the Vääksy canal + paddling through the Vääksy canal

Fishing tackle and kayaks for the land of a thousand lakes and the famous Päijänne national park

A lot of clean water, nature, peace and new experiencies


                                                                                                           Now we are Unesco Salpausselkä Geopark partner                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fishing and kayaking in the same package

                                                                                          Accommodation and wellness services at the Hotel Tallukka in Vääksy

                                                          A shorter jungle canoeing trip in the Vääksy canal area - combine this jungle section with your day trip

                   Do a combined cycling and paddling trip or a combined train - cycling - paddling trip (by train first to Lahti) and Welcome cyclist ID

                                                                          Or combine golf, outdoor salmon soup dining, paddling and cycling by your own

Rental services: Jannen Kalastus ja Kayakki offers kayak, canoe and SUP board rentals and transport services in the Lahti, Vääksy and Padasjoki areas. Paddle to the Päijänne National Park, which is a part of the Salpausselkä Geopark, and spend the night on one of its largest islands, Kelvenne. Or take a kayaking day trip and enjoy outdoor barbecue at the nearby Pernasaari paddling later to the Vääksy canal area. We also offer long-term storage space for kayaks and canoes. Inflatable float fishing rings, a inflatable Kokopelli Moki1 single kayak and a transparent single kayak for renting. 

Online store: Quality fishing and game handling equipment at a reasonable price. Taiga Lures Sampo lure is the Erälehti magazine’s 2013 test winner in the series for salmon lures. Also a wide range of sea fishing and deep-sea fishing tackle.


Rental place, a small shop and a collection point for online orders is located in Vääksy (address: Armontie 6, 17200 Vääksy). 

We’re gradually expanding our product and service range.

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Rental shop, fishing and additional services

  • Our kayak, canoe and SUP board rental shop is located in Vääksy, near the local beach of the Päijänne lake
  • single kayaks, triple kayaks, inflatable single kayak, canoes, transparent kayak, sit-on float fishing rings
  • hiking and camping gear
  • special winter back-country skies and snowshoes
  • check out our additional services and price list!
    • delivery service
    • free bicycle storage and delivery for paddling customers
    • cheaper touring bikes coming for rent in June 2024
  • perch fishing in the Karisalmi bridge area, as well as trout and whitefish in the Pulkkilanharju area (Päijänne National Park, Päijänne lake)
  • pike and zander fishing in Lake Vesijärvi and usually in Lake Päijänne
  • here are two bigger lakes Päijänne and Vesijärvi and many smaller lakes


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Kayaks, canoes and SUP boards

  • Buy or rent kayaks, canoes, SUP boards for children and adults for touring, fishing and various other purposes.

Shelters on land and on waterways / islands

On land

  • Pasolanharju, close to Hotel Tallukka
  • Aurinkovuori, close to sporting field

On waterways / islands

  • Päijänne, Pernasaari, 1.5 km north of the Vääksy canal
  • Vesijärvi lake, Varjansaari, two shelters
  • Päijänne lake, Asikkalanselkä, Linkosaari, 4 km north of the Vääksy canal
  • Päijänne National park, on island Iso Lammassaari
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UNESCO Salpausselkä Geopark - landscape shaped by water and partnership

  • UNESCO Global Geopark area means the title granted by UNESCO, the UN educational, scientific and cultural organization, to an international geologically valuable area
  • there are five Geopark areas in Finland, Salpausselkä Geopark was named geopark area in 2022. There are four geopark areas in Norway, two in Denmark and a one in Sweden
    • Päijänne National Park is a one part of the Salpausselkä geopark
  • unified geographical area with geologically significant sites aims for sustainable tourism and business, and tells about the history, culture and nature of the area
  • Salpausselkä Geopark partner commits to the principles of sustainable tourism in the region 
  • renting is one form of sharing economy: instead of owning goods rent them
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Online store, warehouse store and fairs

  • Online store selection includes lures, kayaks, paddles, roof racks, trolleys/trailers and much more
  • warhouse store adress: Armontie 6, 17200 Vääksy
  • we take part in many outdoor fairs and market days
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Päijänne National Park experience: a lot of clean water, nature and peace

  • Location in Asikkala and Padasjoki municipalities
    • 140 km from the Helsinki city area
  • Beatiful 5 km long ridge island Pulkkilanharju is its best known place, part of the Päijänne National Park and its eastern border
  • enjoy clean water, nature, peace and sporting in this place
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Kelvenne island within the Päijänne National Park

  • The famous Kelvenne island is a 8 km long ridge island within the Päijänne National Park
  • you can get there by paddling, here some places of departure: 
    • from the Karisalmi bridge, 15 km north from Vääksy
    • or from the Huovari island
    • or from Padasjoki laivaranta
  • sandy beaches, barbecue places, lots of forest
  • choose your own camping spot
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... And inside the Kelvenne island is the Kelvenne pond with a cable car

  • Kelvennelampi is in a sheltered and inconspicuous place south of the middle of Kelvennesaari
  • The length of the pond is some 80 - 90 meters
  • The deepest point over 15 meters
  • Access to the lake: with kayaks and canoes you can land in Kyynärlahti, from where you can walk about 150 meters south / southeast to the pond
  • cable car on the north side
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Hiking and camping gear for hire

  • We rent camping equipment for moving and staying in nature in order for a kayaking or hiking trip to be successful
  • you need adequate camping equipments:
    • tents, rucksacks, tarps, hammocks, sleeping pads and dry bags
  • a neat 8-person Coleman Octagon Green tent 
  • sit-on float fishing rings
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Day paddling trips and the Vääksy canal

  • for a day trip from Männistönranta in Vääksy
  • Männistönranta is next to the rental office (distance 250 meters)
  • driving directions: Lahti,  Anianpellontie, Männiköntie and from there down left to Männistönranta
  • Canoe to the nearby Pernasaari (distance 2.6 km), a shed, barbecue area and firewood are ready in Pernasaari
  • a day trip is not as weather-sensitive to rain as overnight trips

Jungle excursion in the Vääksy canal area

  • The jungle route is a natural river route next to the Vääksy canal
  • the route runs in the same direction next to the Vääksy canal
  • the route has shallow water and a lot of dense green trees, reeds and vegetation on the edges of the river route
  • trip / route that is shorter in time
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Combine cycling and paddling - Welcome cyclist status

  • the rental company has the Welcome cyclist code
  • There are many cycling opportunities in Asikkala and Vääksy
  • natural landscapes, lake areas, islands, ridges, grain fields, horse pastures and other things
  • big Päijännejärvi and other lakes
  • Salonsaari Island; an interesting place to explore by bike, there is also a summer cafe (partly dirt roads)
  • Vääksy canal area and e.g. French village shop
  • Päijänne National Park including ridge island Pulkkilanharju
  • COMBINE CYCLING AND CANOEING: first cycle to Pulkkilanharju and from there go on a canoe trip to Päijänne National Park and Kelvenne island (bikes can be stored at the rental company)
  • OR TRAIN-CYCLING-KAYANING TRIP (first by train, e.g. to Lahti)
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Cycling routes


  • Lahti - Paimela - Vesivehmaa - Kalkkinen (Pihamaa winery in Kalkkinen and Kalkkisten canal) - Pulkkilanharju and the Päijänne National Park - Vääksy
  • Lahti - Paimela - Vesivehmaa - Vääksy - Asikkala church village (old church and e.g. the horse pasture opposite the church on the other side of the road) - Pulkkilanharju (two cafes) and the Päijänne National Park - Karisalmi bridge (canoeing departure point)
  • Lahti - Vierumäki - Vesivehmaa - Vääksy - Pulkkilanharju and the Päijänne National Park - Vääksy
  • we take the bikes with a car trailer to the locked premises of the rental company for the duration of the kayaking trip free of charge, at the end the bikes are brought back to the starting point of the kayaking excursion, e.g. Pulkkilanharju and  the Karisalmi bridge
  • hiking equipment rental, you don't need your own basic hiking equipment
  • liquid storage (water, lemonade): liquid can be brought with the rental car (e.g. 10 - 15 liters), so there is no need to transport a large amount of liquid on cycles for a kayaking trip
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Fishing services and perch fishing on the Karisalmi bridge area

  • seat-on flotation ring, fishing equipment, waders (waders are available in sizes 44, 43 and 40) and your own fishing trip
  • 1 inflatable sit-on fishing float ring. You can rent waders at the same time.  Demonstration videos on YouTube. You don't need a boat for fishing, go fishing in small lake ponds, which are otherwise difficult to reach with normal boats and cars, fits in the trunk of the car

  • 2 fishing gear rental:

    fishing rods and lures,
    rental products available in the online store,
    traditional worm fishing methods

  • 3 canoes for fishing trips:

    Indian canoes, a transparent 1-person canoe and an inflatable rubber boat with an electric motor

  • 4 own fishing trip:

    the fishing guide is not included on the trip

    Perch fishing by the Karisalmi bridge
  • The Karisalmi bridge is located at the northern end of Pulkkilanharju

  • there is a lot of water flow in the area of the bridge, this provides plenty of food for the fish
  • a curious perch is interested in the movement of the paddle in the surface water, that's why schools of perch curiously jump to the surface of the water
  • rent a canoe and/or an inflatable ring for the day - you can take both a canoe and an inflatable ring for a group
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Winter renting and winter fishing

  • Usually there is a lot of snow in winter and thick and durable ice on the lakes
  • Special winter skies: OAC KAR back country skies
    • for soft snow skiing, forest skiing and on lake ice skiing
    • the bindings are suitable for normal winter shoes
  • Komperdel snow shoes
  • winter fishing with back country skies on lake ice
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Salmon soup in outdoor dining and baking 

  • salmon soup is prepared and enjoyed outdoors, e.g. on an island or on land
  • the opportunity to participate in e.g. baking a bun outdoor at the same time
  • pot coffees are included in the package
  • participants will receice wooden kuksa cups as a gift
  • managed by the local nature and wilderness guide Siru and to be completed fishing guide Janne
  • contact Janne if you are interested in well-organized and unique outdoor dining
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Hotel Tallukka in Vääksy

Accommodation and wellness services

  • "Come alone or in a group - accommodation in an event hotel Tallukka!"


  • tel. 03 888 81


  • address Tallukantie 1, 17200 Vääksy

  • location on Salpausselkä ridge between two lakes Päijänne and Vesijärvi

  • welfare services in addition to accommodation options

Lehmonkärki Resort

  • accommodation, meeting and party facilities
  • adress Lehmonkärjentie 180, 17320 Vääksy Finland
  • 11 km north from Vääksy, close to Päijännne National Park
  • tel. +358 37666 330
  • e-mail:
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  • 18-hole golf course in Vääksy
  • evening and night golfing in the summer
  • address Tehtaantie 3, 17200 Vääksy
  • tel. +358 44 2700 412

Kayak, canoe and SUP board rental

We offer a selection of kayaks, canoes, sup boards and additional services. Our friendly staff is glad to assist you. Our shop in Vääksy is located right by the water only 250 metres from the beach.  Explore our kayak, canoe and SUP board selection or try one out for yourself.

On page three hiking and camping gear for hire and more about the Päijänne National Park and Salpausselkä Geopark. 


A wide selection for different purposes

When it comes water sports, there’s no lack of equipment to choose from. We offer a variety of kayaks and SUP boards for rent. We also rent a three-seat canoes and famous triple kayaks (works also as a double, the yellow kayak on the left photo). If you decide to take a spin on the water, our staff will gladly help to choose just the right kind of kayak for you. The big Päijänne lake and the Päijänne national park are easy to enjoy with our products. 


Planning a trip with your friends or family?

For larger groups, please contact us in advance to ensure that there is enough equipment available. It’s best to book 3–30 days in advance so that we can make sure that to get you exactly the equipment you want. We also have kayaks and SUP boards for children. From our shop, you will find everything you need for a fun day out with your family.

Spacious three-seat canoes

Canoes are well-suited for longer overnight trips as well for day trips. Paddle from the Pulkkilanharju Ridge and Karisalmi bridge to the Päijänne National Park and the Kelvenne island. The distance from the ridge or bridge to the Kelvenne south point is some 6 kilometres. The spacious canoes have an open interior for equipments and three fixed seats. Both canoe models have reversible backrests for two seat. The backrests make paddling easier. 

  • the length of the canoe is 454 cm, kayak Pelican 14.6, high backrest, color burgundy, photo seen on finnish pages (page 2)
  • other models lenght is 480 cm, color dark green, photo on the right
  • four canoes are available for rent. We also rent inflatable float fishing rings and a transparent single kayak. 


Large groups: book canoes and kayaks for groups of 6–10 people well in advance. SUP board rentals also for groups of 6–7 people. 


Contact us for more information!

Additional services 

Fishing by your own: paddling and fishing at the same time

  • fishing with canoes, a transparent single kayak, an inflatable electric boat or sitable floating fishing rings
  • a lot of perch at the Karisalmi bridge area (location in the Päijänne national park area)
    • see perches jumping at water surface by using correct technics of paddle and paddling with our products above

Fishing gears

  • sitable inflatable floating fishing ring and some fishing rods and lures for rent
  • inflatable two person electric boat with a battery
  • transparent single kayak for fishing and shorter trips
  • by a portable and light fishing ring you can get to small ponds
    • there is also a pond inside the Kelvenne island, take the inflatable fishing ring with your on your canoe trip

Ice fishing with back country OAC KAR skies on lake ice

  • rent ice fishing gears and back country skies to make a trip on lake ice in winter

Transport service

  • 10–80 € (according to the situation)

Short-term storage

  • according to agreement 
  • the rental period is one day or one week. The equipment is returned to storage for the night and can be picked up again the next day.

Long-term storage

  • according to agreement

Rental prices

Canoes, kayaks and SUP boards:

  • 45 eur / day (24 hours) single kayak
  • 45 eur / day (24 hours) inflatable single kayak Kokopelli Moki1 
  • 45 eur / day (24 h) transparent single kayak only for shorter trips 
  • 45 eur / day electric inflatable 1 - 2 person boat with a battery
  • 60 eur / day (24 h) 2 - 3-seat/person canoe
  • 60 eur / day (24 h) Liker Easty triple kayak (works also as a double kayak)
  • 150 eur / week (single kayaks)
  • 270 eur / 2 weeks (single kayaks) 
  • 48 eur / day (24 h) sup boards
  • 15 eur / day (e. g. 15 hours, not a 24 h price) seat float fishing ring, inflatable

The longer you book for, the less you pay per day! The prices for kayaks and SUP boards for children are more affordable – we will make you an attractive offer according to your situation.

Gather your friends and set out to explore the waterways of Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi or take a kayak trip to Pernasaari and spend a day barbecuing on the island. 

Paddling is one of the most memorable and wonderful ways to spend a summer day and offers a great chance to admire the beautiful Finnish nature! Gather your friends and family and embark on a trip of the waterways of Asikkala. Make a day trip kayaking around Salonsaari Island or take a paddle in Päijänne National Park and enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape. Taking due care of safety, you can also paddle across the Vääksy canal to Lake Vesijärvi or take a day trip to Pernasaari Island, which is 4 metres higher than Vesijärvi. The island is located 1.5 kilometres from the beach and it features a designated municipal area for recreational use, as well as a barbecue pit in the southeast part of the island, near the lighthouse. 

Kayak trips and archipelago adventures are popular holiday activities. People have started to appreciate nature and its beauty, as well as their own physical and mental well-being. On kayaking and SUP paddling trips, all these factors are present.

Come and paddle with us!

Visit our shop in Vääksy and check out our kayaks, canoes and SUP boards. You can try them all! We rent kayaks, canoes and other products at our shop in Vääksy. Triple kayaks, seat float fishing rings, a transparent single kayak, an inflatable electric motor boat and hiking and camping gears are also for rent.


The big Päijänne lake, the Päijänne national park with the Kelvenne island and the day target Vääksy canal area are very close to us. For you this means:

  • a lot of clean water, nature and peace 
  • experiences and better health as well

You can also fish and paddle at the same time by the above products.

If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.

You can contact us by:

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