Order fishing and kayak gear easily and conveniently from our online store. Kayak and SUP board rentals in the Lahti, Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä regions. 

Fishing tackle and kayaks for the land of a thousand lakes

Rental services: Jannen Kalastus ja Kayakki offers SUP board and kayak rentals and transport services in the Lahti, Vääksy and Padasjoki areas. Paddle to Päijänne National Park and spend the night on one of its largest islands, Kelvenne, or take a kayaking day trip and enjoy outdoor barbecue at the nearby Pernasaari. We also offer long-term storage space for kayaks and canoes.

Online store: Quality fishing and game handling equipment at a reasonable price. Taiga Lures from EUR 6.80/piece. Erälehti magazine’s 2013 lure test winner in the series for salmonids We also offer a wide range of sea fishing and deep-sea fishing tackle.


Collection point for online orders is located in Vääksy (address: Armontie 6). 

We’re gradually expanding our product range.

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Rental shop and additional services

Our kayak and SUP board rental shop is located in Vääksy, near the local beach. Check out our additional services and price list!

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Buy or rent kayaks for children and adults for touring, fishing and various other purposes.

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SUP boards

In our selection, you can find just the right SUP board for everyone.

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Our wide selection includes paddles, roof racks, trolleys/trailers and fishing rod holders, and much more.

Kayak and SUP board rental

We offer a large selection of SUP boards, kayaks and additional services. Our friendly staff is glad to assist you. Our shop in Vääksy is located right by the water only 150 metres from the beach.  Explore our kayak and SUP board selection or try one out for yourself. 



A wide selection for different purposes

When it comes water sports, there’s no lack of equipment to choose from. We offer a wide variety of kayaks and SUP boards for rent. We also rent a three-seat Canadian canoe. If you decide to take a spin on the water, our staff will gladly help to choose just the right kind of kayak or SUP board for you.


Planning a trip with your friends or family?

For larger groups, please contact us in advance to ensure that there is enough equipment available. It’s best to book 3–4 days in advance so that we can make sure that to get you exactly the equipment you want. We also have kayaks and SUP boards for children. From our shop, you will find everything you need for a fun day out with your family.

Canadian canoe: A spacious 3-seat Canadian canoe

The Canadian canoe shown in the picture is available for rent. The canoe is well-suited for longer overnight trips as well. You can paddle from e.g. the Pulkkilanharju Ridge to Päijänne National Park and the Kelvenne island. The distance from the ridge to Kelvenne is ca. 5 kilometres. The spacious green canoe has an open interior for equipment and 3 fixed seats. The length of the canoe is 470 cm. There are two Canadian canoes available for rent (see picture). We also rent kayak storage units. 


For larger groups and families as well Book canoes and kayaks for groups of 8–10 people in advance. SUP board rentals also for groups of 6–7 people. 


Contact us for more information!

Additional services price list

Transport service

10–50 € (according to the situation)

Short-term storage

According to agreement 

The rental period is one day or one week. The equipment is returned to storage for the night and can be picked up again the next day.

Long-term storage

According to agreement

Rental prices

SUP boards and kayaks:

50 €/day (3-seat/person Canadian canoe or Liker Easty kayak, 60 €/day)

165 €/week (single) – If you wish, you can exchange your kayak for a SUP board during the week with no additional cost! (SUP boards)

270 €/2 weeks (single) - You can swap your SUP for a kayak for the same price during the rental period! (SUP board and single-person kayaks)

The longer you book for, the less you pay per day! The prices for kayaks and SUP boards for children are more affordable – we will make you an attractive offer according to your situation.

Gather your friends and set out to explore the waterways of Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi or take a kayak trip to Pernasaari and spend a day barbecuing on the island. 

Paddling is one of the most memorable and wonderful ways to spend a summer day and offers a great chance to admire the beautiful Finnish nature! Gather your friends and family and embark on a trip of the waterways of Asikkala. Make a day trip kayaking around Salonsaari Island or take a paddle in Päijänne National Park and enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape. Taking due care of safety, you can also paddle across the Vääksy canal to Lake Vesijärvi or take a day trip to Pernasaari Island, which is 4 metres higher than Vesijärvi. The island is located 1.5 kilometres from the beach and it features a designated municipal area for recreational use, as well as a barbecue pit in the southeast part of the island, near the lighthouse. 

Kayak trips and archipelago adventures are popular holiday activities. People have started to appreciate nature and its beauty, as well as their own physical and mental well-being. On kayaking and SUP paddling trips, all these factors are present.

Come and paddle with us!

Visit our shop in Vääksy and check out our kayaks and SUP boards. You can try them all! We rent SUP boards and kayaks at our shop in Vääksy. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.

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