Winter Gear for Hire in the Lahti, Asikkala, Padasjoki, and Sysmä Region

Jannen Kalastus ja KaYakki is located next door to Päijänne and its magnificent lakelands and woodlands. Winter freezes the lakes and lets you ski right across on forest skis or gliding snow shoes. You can also go skiing through the wintry forests and ridges. The nearby wooded ridges are higher and steeper, offering ample opportunity for snow shoes. Many winter activities are also easy on the joints!


Make the most of winter sports and activities by hiring high-grade winter gear from us. They can also be used at your summer cabin or at your home. We offer a delivery service on all our winter gear.


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Gliding Snow Shoes Combine Cross-Country Skiing with Snow Shoes

We hire out Finnish OAC KAR 147 gliding snow shoes. These are a new way to enjoy winter sports by skiing far from ski tracks and slopes in forests, across lakes, or in the fells. Gliding snow shoes are shorter and broader than skis and provide good support on snow. You can also use them for downhill skiing using the Telemark technique. Snow shoeing and skiing across a soft surface does not stress joints as running does.


The skis feature easy-to-use bindings which fit all winter shoes. These are also used for moving when departing from the garden of your house or summer cabin. These handy gliding snow shoes allow you to get wherever you want in the Finnish landscape.

Snow Shoes for Tough Terrain

Snow shoes are perfect for challenging terrain, such as steep, dense forests. They are light, sturdy and have cleats to ensure traction on steep sections. Walking with snow shoes makes for efficient exercise, with half an hour being roughly equivalent to an hour's run.


Suitable locations near our rental company's locale are Pasola ridge and Aurinkovuori ridges which feature steep forested areas. Aurinkovuori hosts a barbecue spot, and the barbecue spots in Päijänne National Park are free to use year-round.

With our Versatile, High-Grade Gliding Snow Shoes and Snow Shoes, Enjoying Winter is Easy.

Gliding snow shoes pictures copyright OAC Finland Oy (Rami Valonen).

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