Giesser separation knife 15 cm Super Flex

Color: yellow

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Giesser separation knife 15 cm Super Flex. 

  • Giesser, a brand behind top quality for both professionals and home users
  • blade length 15cm
  • very flexible blade 
  • yellow, firm and pleasant-feeling rubber handle
  • for separation, but also great for smaller fish (perch, whitefish, pike). 


  • the oval grinding of the blade makes cutting easier, as the friction surface is lower than in smooth steel
  • the blade is stamped from premium chromium-molybdenum steel (carbon steel), which is hardened by a high-quality and modern High Tech Vacuum Hardening method
  • thanks to the method, the sharpness of the knife is maintained for a long time and it is easy to sharpen over and over again 
  • each blade is finished by hand
  • he handle can withstand temperatures up to 120c, also withstands cooking.