Vakuum bags 160 mm x 250 mm 50 pieces

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Vakuum bags.

  • size 160 mm x 250 mm
  • 50 pieces per packaging
  • a quadruple special bag with a pattern inside that acts as an air duct
  • durablle and reusable
  • withstand freezing and cooking at max. 95 degrees
  • the bags are 100 % airtight
  • Lava vacuum bags are more durable than competing vacuum bags due to their high polyamide content and four-layer construction
  • they are soft and flexible and therefore very resistant to freezing
  • smooth vacuum bags are mainly intended for use in chamber vacuum machines
  • air ducted vacuum bags and hoses suitable for use in "suction" vacuum machines
  • suction vacuum machines work best and most reliably with air ducted vacuum bags.